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Comprehensive asset management is about helping you realize your goals. It is about having confidence that things work in your everyday life and knowing that you have a good plan for preserving and further developing the values ​​you have created. Only then can you concentrate on continuing to create whatever you want.

Important things to think about


We are not an insurance company and do not sell insurance but focus more on the client, spending time to understand their situation. Most people do not know enough about their insurance coverage. Read through your insurance agreements yourself and see what you receive if you become seriously ill or disabled. Check which rights you have through your job and what coverage you have through your parents/spouse/cohabitant’s policies.

Personal finances

It is important to have an overview of your situation and how you think it will develop. As time goes by, income and expenses will change. It is smart to plan ahead for that. Many retirees see their income decline but want to maintain their standard of living or maybe increase it. That requires your financial wealth to finance your lifestyle which again influences how you should think about your financial investment portfolio.

Important documents

Are your important documents in order? For instance, your will, future power of attorney, marriage pact and shareholder agreement? Choosing not to make these documents is a choice to let the laws decide. But do you really know what you have chosen?

Access and contacts

Losing someone or having a family member suffer from an illness or an accident is a tough process. In addition to the sorrow, many practical things must be arranged. It is important that the family has a good overview over where all the important documents, passwords, keys and contact information can be found.


We all have different views about how “retired life” is supposed to be. Some want to work as long as they can, while others want to slow down earlier to find more time to pursue their interests, travel or being together with grandchildren. Regardless of what we choose, it is important that we have a clear idea of how this part of life should be financed. The pension becomes an important part of the total picture for future income.


After having worked with wealthy clients in Scandinavia for 20 years, we have systemised the organisation of wealth. Our expert attorneys are specialists in personal tax, inheritance and generational change. As part of the wealth planning, we always do a review and evaluation of the tax and legal situation of our clients.


Have you taken precautions to feel safe and secure in your everyday life? Digital safety? Physical safety? The digital threats against private individuals and families are changing rapidly, and the complexity for each individual seems to be increasing at the same time.

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