From the very beginning we have had one clear guiding principle for all our activity: the client’s interest should always come first. This has shaped what we do and how we work. It has also contributed to defining the basic culture in our company. An independent viewpoint has always been key to our way of thinking. How can we fulfil the requirements for independence?

The advisory process

All our advisory work starts with creating a wealth plan together with you. The purpose of the process is that you achieve ownership of your situation, your goals and preferences, as well as a strategy that shall contribute to you actually achieving your goals. This process includes a tax and legal review carried out by Formue’s attorneys. An investment committee will always look through the wealth plan and come with suggestions to the responsible wealth manager during the process. We are in a continuous dialogue with our clients. Once a year, we take a deeper dive with you to find out if things have happened that change the assumptions in the current wealth plan.

Portfolio management

Our portfolio management is based on a broad analysis of global investment opportunities within the asset classes money market, bonds, equities and alternative investments. The company has a dedicated analysis department with 20 colleagues who focus exclusively on questions related to allocating capital, choosing and following up managers. Based on a broad universe of investment possibilities, we make recommendations for portfolio composition and for specific managers. The investment department collaborates with our asset managers to ensure that the management is as closely adapted to your needs as possible.

Transparent model for fees

Formue has only client – you – and we are exclusively and directly paid by you for the assignments we do. All volume discounts and other discounts we obtain in our negotiations with the fund providers are fully passed on to you. As Formue’s assets under management increase, you will therefore automatically obtain better terms. This is because the volume at each individual fund has a big impact on the terms we obtain. A credit note is issued for return commissions and the amounts are paid to your client account.

Relationship to close connections

Formue has no license to manage investment funds and thus does not have its own products. There are not any close connections who influence the company’s recommendations of products, neither legal nor financial agreements.

What does Formue’s independence mean for you?

As a client in Formue you can be sure that the advice given is intended to be in your best interests and the purpose is to meet your needs and goals. Formue has no close connections or financial incentives that can influence what advice you as a client receive.
Being a company that offers comprehensive advisory services is a large assignment requiring both broad and deep expertise. You as a client shall know that there are resources in the company to ensure that this happens in a positive manner. In many cases, a whole group of people from different areas will be involved in financial planning, investment analysis, allocation/market view, legal and tax evaluations, accounting, banking evaluations and in topics related to pension and insurance. All asset managers with responsibility for client assignments are authorised by the AFR arrangement.
To achieve your goals, it is important to prepare a good strategy. The next step is to implement a portfolio with suitable investment solutions. As a client at Formue, you shall always be confident that we have the necessary resources to solve the task using all available asset classes and with a global perspective. That is a large job demanding many resources. Therefore, we have our own investment department with access to systems, tools and information that make them even better.
Formue is a company that can offer a combination of sufficient size and proximity to you as a client. Large enough to be able to have the necessary expertise, and to be able to offer attractive investment opportunities. Close enough to really understand your situation and to be able to be your advisor and discussion partner over time.

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