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At Formue, we tailor our services to your needs and help you develop a comprehensive wealth management solution.


Wealth managers


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Investment and portfolio specialists



Meet our wealth managers

Long-term support for the clients

Our job as wealth managers is about more than just generating returns. It is about good craftmanship, creating a tailor-made wealth plan taking into consideration each client’s goals and values. Our clients have confidence in us as a long-term supporter giving advice far beyond achieving the best possible returns. That is where the greatest value creation lies.

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Meet our attorneys

Taxes and legal services

Our job is to make sure that your wealth is organised properly regarding taxes, and that you have planned for life crises such as illness, divorce or death. Such events can be as destructive to wealth as market turbulence. We perform a tax and legal review of all our new clients to give them better control over these issues.

Meet our investment specialists

Access to the best funds

Because emotions guide decisions, few investors achieve market returns. Our job is to ensure that the client gets a custom-tailored investment portfolio with a risk corresponding to the plan chosen. As an independent company we can also choose the best managers in the world. Our results show that this gives good value to you as the client.

Meet our investment specialists


Meet our business managers

A simpler everyday life

We have top expertise in accounting for investment companies and are always up to date on the latest tax and accounting rules. We help you prepare important documents and appointments, ensure that deadlines are met, and that all documents are stored in one place. That gives you a simpler everyday life.

Meet our Family Office

For the wealthiest families

Formue has its own team which has specialised in assisting families with significant wealth (UHNW, Ultra High Net Worth). With long experience and cross-disciplinary expertise, Family Office is a long-term partner for the family.


Meet our pension advisors

One of Norway’s leading professional environments in pensions

Pension is more relevant than ever. The responsibility for a pension has largely been transferred to the individual. Flexible withdrawals and increased responsibility for one’s own pension includes, however, new options and increased opportunities. Our advisors’ independence and cross-disciplinary expertise helps the client to take correct, important choices. We also contribute with pension advisory services related to the business you run and/or a shareholder in.

Meet our art advisors

Art events and individual art advisory services

Our art offering will inspire and give clients insight into the world of art. We wish to create safety for our clients when they encounter the world of art and offer art advisory services adapted to their needs and interests. Our exclusive events and varying exhibitions give you the possibility to meet artists in the limelight, key participants and other art enthusiasts. In addition, you will receive ongoing exhibition recommendations and market updates through our newsletter.


Foundations and endowments

A long-term partner

We help you to achieve the goals of the foundation or endowment. Our advisory services include asset management, reporting and business management, legal services and support for board work and dividend payments. As our client, you will feel taken good care of by a long-term partner, and you can spend your time working toward the goals of your organisation.

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