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To get an overview of your footprint, you need to look at the big picture


In Scandinavia, we have a high standard of living compared to the rest of the world. This means that our way of life leaves a large footprint on the planet. Do you want to see how your way of life affects the planet?


All investments affect the planet. An investment of USD one million produces an annual carbon footprint equivalent to 35 long-haul flights.


As a business owner, you can exercise considerable influence over the footprint left by your business. Our experts can guide you towards zero emissions.

Nordic centre of excellence for sustainability and ownership

Businesses often account for 70 per cent of an owner’s total footprint. Implementing the right measures can have major ripple effects not just for your own company, but also for suppliers, customers and employees.

To help our clients play their part in the transition to a zero-emission society, we have established a Nordic centre of excellence for sustainability and ownership, with experts providing advisory services.

Philip Mitchell

Senior Sustainability Advisor

Philip Mitchell was previously a sustainability consultant at Carbon Intelligence. He has 25 years of experience from the banking and financial services industry, including as a manager with Första AP-fonden (AP1), and was Managing Director of Bankers Without Boundaries. Philip contributes to the management of Formue’s sustainability strategy and advises clients on sustainable investments and their own companies.

Fridtjof Wergeland

Sustainability Advisor

Fridtjof Wergeland advises clients who want to get started with sustainability or take existing initiatives to the next level. He helps clients with everything from meeting reporting requirements to using sustainability as a competitive advantage. He has experience as a sustainability consultant from PwC, where he worked for five years before joining Formue.

Helena von der Esch

Senior Family Advisor

Helena von der Esch is one of Formue’s foremost experts when it comes to ownership advice for family businesses. Helena works across Norway and Sweden advising owner families on succession planning and governance structures.

What we help owners with

Carbon footprint measurement

Creating commitment internally and externally

Producing a zero-emissions strategy for the business


Prioritising the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ongoing regulatory updates

How we work with sustainability in our investment portfolios

All investments affect the environment. This applies regardless of whether you invest directly in one company, via index funds or choose active management. Our main approach to investments is change. This means that through our investments we mainly choose to influence companies to implement positive changes, rather than opting out and excluding them.

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View the environmental cost of your investments

With our tool you can calculate what your investments cost the environment (measured in USD).

  • What is the environmental cost of the return on my investments?
  • How do my investments affect the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • In what areas can I make the biggest difference?
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Formue App

Keep track of performance

Our award-winning reporting solution gives you insight into how your capital contributes to a more sustainable future. You can track your carbon footprint in the Formue app and on our client portal, and see how your portfolio is becoming increasingly sustainable.

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Our partners

How we work with Skift

In order to achieve set climate goals, the business sector must cooperate and share experiences. As a way of contributing to this, Formue joined Skift in January 2020. Skift is a network for business climate leaders who want to accelerate Norway’s transition to a low-carbon economy, delivering on commitments by 2030. Together, its members aim to demonstrate how the transition to a zero-emission society can create new business opportunities.

How we work with Terravera

TERRAVERA is an open digital platform where academics, students and companies collaborate to develop sustainability models, and to collect and share related data. The objective is to provide politicians, business leaders, partners and society in general with the knowledge they need to make truly sustainable decisions and better prioritise resources.

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