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We are a leading company in the Nordic region for independent advisory services for wealthy individuals and families.




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We put the client first

Independent advisory

From the very beginning, we have had a clear guiding principle for all our activity: the client’s interest should always come first. This has shaped what we do and how we work. Clients only pay for the work we do, and we do not have other interests that can interfere with us considering what is best for the client.

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We are where you are

Local presence is important for following up our clients on an individual basis. Therefore, we have three offices in Sweden and 17 offices in Norway.

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Our vision is to give our clients a richer life

Our vision is to give our clients a richer life

In this vision, there is a responsibility to preserve and develop wealth for our clients, but also for society in general. Our mission goes beyond just generating returns on the capital entrusted to us. It is not until we create value for our clients, employees and owners in a manner that isn’t detrimental to the society we live in or for the opportunities for future generations, that we have completely fulfilled our vision.

Our approach with the capital we invest

All investments have an influence on the environment. This applies whether you invest directly in companies, via index funds or choose active asset management. Our promise to our clients is to deliver a productive and responsible asset management, an approach that has yielded real results in sustainability. We believe in active influence rather than exclusion.
When we choose asset managers for clients’ capital, we focus on them having integrated sustainability into their investment decisions. We continuously monitor that the managers chosen are implementing the strategy and generating the results that were predicted.


This is how we get paid

The client is our only customer – we only receive fees from the client. As an independent advisor, we receive no third-party payments, and all discounts we obtain from our product suppliers are passed on in full to the client.

  • Fees are paid to the product suppliers the client chooses, depending on the portfolio and product composition
  • For all VAT-liable services, the prices listed include VAT
  • No additional fees are paid to external parties

Annual fee for comprehensive advisory services and management

Our fee is based on the scope of our services and the size of assets managed and reported. Families with multiple client relationships within the household will be seen as a whole and pay the same fee. Reporting of external holdings is charged 0.15-0.35%, depending on the amount of assets managed and reported. Fees are paid for partial coverage of the financial tax of 0.015% of capital invested through Formuesforvaltning.

Advisory fee for wealth plan

Advisory services include a process with the client that leads to a wealth plan, as well as an extensive tax and legal review by our attorneys. For this, an advisory fee of NOK 50 000 is charged.

Annual programme Property and Private Equity

There is a structuring fee for clients who wish to invest in Property and Private Equity as part of a total portfolio. Depending on the amount under management and reporting, 1-3% of the amount committed at the time of investment is paid.

Capital Management fee Depot fee
5-10MNOK 1,25 % 0,15 %
10-50MNOK 1,00 % 0,12 %
50-100MNOK 0,80 % 0,10 %
100-200MNOK 0,70 % 0,08 %
200-300MNOK 0,65 % 0,06 %
300MNOK+ By agreement

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We have offices throughout Norway and Sweden, as well as in London.