We invite you to partner with us and discover a whole new financial life management journey for you and your family.

Our investment philosophy starts with you – for a richer life.

Portfolio and investment

We help you build a robust, properly diversified portfolio to preserve your capital and achieve long-term growth.

Legal services

We have our own highly qualified staff to help you achieve an efficient tax situation and an optimal ownership structure of your assets, for you and the next generation.

Business services

Our business management unit is a leading provider of corporate secretarial and accounting services, specializing in the needs of investment companies.

Art and Philanthropy

Our dedicated art advisory area can bring you inspiration, insight and knowledge through art and philanthropy, whether for its own sake or as part of your portfolio.

While we tailor our advice to our clients’ individual situations, our asset allocation strategies and portfolio construction will seek to achieve an optimal balance between preservation and long-term growth of capital.

Formuesforvaltning believes a local presence strengthens the client relationship. To this end, we maintain local offices throughout Norway and Sweden, and are present in London.